SajeTanira Publishing

Our goal is to provide quality literature to a demographic that has been overlooked by mainstream publishers

Our Story

The SajeTanira Group is a fast-growing publisher of books, headquartered in Oakland, California.   Created in 2003, we are committed to publishing authors who speak the unspeakable and write the unprintable.  SajeTanira Publishing does not privilege any particular genre, rather, we promote artistic freedom and expression as the centerpiece of our vision.

Our Goals and Vision

  • To provide talented but unknown writers with 21st century venues in which to be accessible and read by all, and possibly discovered by larger publishing houses or other entities seeking the skills of quality writers.
  • To introduce secondary school students to contemporary literary works published by SajeTanira Publishing.
  • To sponsor contests and to develop programs that encourage young people to pursue writing, either as a career or an avocation.   In addition, a percentage of proceeds generated from book sales is allocated to a special fund to promote a much larger campaign of cultivating literariness for contemporary American youth.

Where To Find Us

SajeTanira Publishing's catalog can be found at your favorite retailer and on your favorite social networking sites.     Find Us On Facebook!